Things You Should Know About vanilla visa card

Things You Should Know About vanilla visa card

Things You Should Know About vanilla visa card

The change of the season for most did not mean only the change of “rubbers” or the official time, it also meant the start of small vacations foreseen for real parties, and even changes in the wardrobe or the weekend location.

Some, like true heroes of your day, have “jerked” right into the trunk of the car. They removed the antifreeze and dampers from the black hole, left the room equipment and a net, partially full, to be “teleported” to the cleaning, the next time. And so it became a free space for summer.

  1. BBQ Sergeant Grill – is a portable barbecue, ideal for outdoor vacations or small weekend vacations, which will surely appeal to everyone. The name of the barbecue comes from the appearance of a sergeant in the American army, imposing glasses and a bushy mustache, which hide under the green helmet of the military, fitting perfectly in any garden or yard.

The BBQ sergeant grill is made of metal, small, easy to carry and store, with it managing to save space, for more food. You need to attach the sergeant to a flat surface, remove his green helmet, fill the base with coals and cook some meat. With the helmet on, the sergeant has a height of 45.5 cm. The 30 cm diameter grill, set above the coals, is enough to grill sausages, chicken, burgers, kebabs and whatever else you like to cook on the flame, grill. Putting on the lid, which can be closed tightly with clamps, the smell of smoke no longer spreads. It has an adjustable ventilation hole according to your preferences. The headphone clamps and its handle make transport from one place to another very easy. When the sergeant’s mission is accomplished,

  1. Twister Picnic Blanket – is a picnic blanket, 140 x 170 cm in size, designed to be used on grass, outdoors, with water-resistant support. Sitting on it, you can enjoy the grass, sun and a sophisticated lunch with friends when the sandwiches brought home are all eaten. But not only that.

After you get tired of the grass and play boards, when you finally want to attract the attention and envy of others on the meadow, you can combine the delicious tradition of a picnic with the fun of a twist game. The blanket protrudes like a twister board, suitable for two or more players.

Everyone played at least once or heard of Twister. The game consists of a flat surface, on which are drawn a series of circles, red, yellow, green and blue, placed in rows of the same color. Players has to place their hands and feet on the colors indicated by a roulette wheel, these colors being chosen at random, by spinning a needle. You will all feel connected in knots. The roulette is delivered with the blanket.

Perfect for festivals, campsites and green grass outings, the Twister picnic blanket packs beautifully, after use, for portability and easy storage.

  1. Chopper Pizza Knife – is another gift that helps the online team for engine lovers. This knife should not be missing from any kitchen. The knife has a unique and stylish look, the front wheel is made of stainless steel and represents the cutting edge, and the rest of the motorcycle is plastic and represents the handle, an ergonomic handle. Pizza Chopper is perhaps the most macho way to slice pizza, ideal for any motorcycle pizza lover. All these are perfect, make it classier with a vanilla visa gift card. One vanilla balance check and gift it along with.