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The top reasons why to show “Krishna BalramKalvakra Returns” online to your kids

The top reasons why to show “Krishna BalramKalvakra Returns” online to your kids

There are many advantages to arranging to show mythological animated fiction to children. The children can become familiar with ancient fictitious characters, realize good and bad in life at their early stage, and improve their characterization by watching of mythological animated fiction. The OTT platforms came to facilitate to show the animated mythological fictions now. The aha established by the reputed producer Allu Aravind which came with exclusive Telugu movies and animated mythological fictions.


Krishna BalramKalvakra Returns made for the sequel to earlier super hit Krishna Balram in Kalvakra.

It is Indian animated mythological fiction, directed by Rajiv Chilaka. Green Gold Animations produced the movie with high-end technical values.

The film was released on 1st November 2011 and became a massive success in Television history.

Characters: Krishna, Balaram, etc.

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Production Company: Green Gold Animations

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run time: 65 Minutes

Year of Release: 2011


The film has many exciting elements like adventures, fantasy, battles, etc., which elements attract the kids more. The director narrated the film with includes ethics and moralities, which aware of the kids.

It is an easy thing to show mythological fiction to the children to familiarize the characters Krishna and Balram to the children instead of force to read them about our ancient history.

The story of the film about Kalvakra is saved by the sorceress. They collaborate to release the indestructible Nivatkavach armed force, which is bolted up inside the profound bounds of the earth. Through controlling that military, they intend to overcome Krishna Balram and afterward vanquish the whole earth. To this end, they first need to assemble three relics that are vigorously monitored. Krishna Balram bowed after halting them, daring numerous risks, rout the beasts guarding the relics, and along these lines figure out how to recuperate the relics before Kalvakra and the sorceress can. Be that as it may, they are in this way deceived and caught by the sorceress who at that point effectively opens the military with the assistance of those relics. Krishna Balram and partners battle the military and keep it away from walking forward to devastate. Krishna and Balram take on the sorceress and Kalvakra, overcoming them and, in the long run sending the Nivatkavach armed force back to the profound bounds of the earth.

Highlights film “Krishna BalramKalvakra Returns”:

The director Rajiv Chilaka filmed this with huge adventures and battles, which children like most. His efforts are visible on the screen. He utilized Krishna and Balram characters brilliantly and handled the two lead roles fantastically. The way he dealt with the film Krishna BalramKalvakra Returns is impressed to all the audience.

The audience may expect as they wish from the film, as all the familiar elements included in the movie to entertain all. Children will know the difference between the power of Evil and Good with this kind of film, as the movie contains both powers and its differentiation.

Director spent special interest on the screenplay, and it knows while watching the film.

Sunil Kaushik’s music is one of the significant assets of the film.

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Finally:  Krishna BalramKalvakra Returns is the film, which highly entertains children. The film is continuing with a 5-star rating in digital media. Aha movies providing it with HD quality, so go to Aha and get full of entertainment.