The Redskins Redesign Contest being run by UniWatch has wrapped up the first round of voting and moved into the finals. Thanks to all of the support from all of you reading out there in Whiteskins Nation, our very own Offensive Coordinator’s design (Brittain Peck) has moved into the finals as well.

And so here we are. Again. Shamelessly pleading for your support. Again.

To keep this begging from getting too awkward, we’ve asked Brittain to throw you a bone. The poor guy obviously thinks that “bone” means a handful of close-up preview images showing the detailed views of his proposed Washington Warriors uniforms. Click any of the images posted here to see a larger image.

If you feel like voting, we’d greatly appreciate it, and you can do so here.


Shoulder stripe detail with three stars reminiscent of the flag of Washington D.C. and military rank insignia.

Chest detail with alternate \\* logo embroidered as “badge of honor” on upper left chest.

Pant stripe detail.